Thursday, June 16, 2011

The season for … twins, rain, birds and butterflies

Dear friends

We really appreciate your interest and prayers.

We are well and truly into our soggy season. Most days are with drizzle and there is mud everywhere. It’s also the season when Kingfishers visit this area, and when we see many more beautiful butterflies. We love the Ulysses butterfly with it’s bright blue colouring. Aircraft find it harder to fly, though, with all the low cloud and wet airstrips. Getting sick patients to help is made harder.

On the ward are 3 sets of twins who were born recently AND 1 lady in labour with twins tonight! The most recent twin birth was 1am this morning with the second twin needing an internal podalic version and breech extraction for those of you who understand the terms. Hence, I am a bit tired tonight. Our ward is full to overflowing with sick patients. There were 3 very sick children on the ward today. One died tonight. He may have had leukaemia. There are also sick patients with TB, pneumonia, skin conditions (such as the Buruli ulcer mentioned last time), fractures, burns, and much more.

We welcomed home Dr Addy tonight. It was wonderful to see her back at Rumginae.

Visitors recently have included Patrick and Jan from CLTC running a week long pastors retreat at Rumginae for pastors from all over Western Province. We have Malcolm from Melbourne visiting just for tonight fixing a lot of our hospital computers etc.

Our Xray was serviced by a technician last week. He was able to get it functioning most of the time at low power. There is a part to replace in the near future. Hopefully it will continue to function for a long time after that. Our steriliser is still out of action, however we are managing with a small unit and with help from Kiunga hospital.

School is going well. We are almost finished for the term as we started early this term. Daniel has been teaching music to our 3 eager learners.



God Bless

Daniel for all of us

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