Sunday, January 30, 2011

It’s a new year and school’s in!

Thank you for your prayerful support throughout 2010.  We are sorry we have not updated you for a while. We had a lovely break at Christmas time, and are back at work again now.

004It is 2011 and all 3 children will be at (home) school. We are looking forward to an exciting year together. Please pray for Tammy teaching Yr 6, Yr 3 and Kindergarten. We have started early to try and prepare the unexpected!

022It was a treat to have Jennifer, a friend of Sharon visit in January.  Jennifer is a teacher and was very generous with her time. From “drinking tea with Mr Mcgee” to geology lessons at the river, we had a lovely time in and out of the classroom.  We were very sorry to say goodbye.

DSCF7577One of the topics this term is ‘bushrangers’. As Daniel is from Forbes, Tom and Rosie have chosen to study Ben Hall. They are learning a lot about Australian history from the mid 19th century.

Dr. Sharmini has been at Rumginae since December and we are very thankful for her able willingness to take on so much of the work, especially the on call and overtime.   We have enjoyed her company very much and shall miss her when she leaves in early February.

A brief hospital summary…

  • We have not had any cholera cases at Rumginae, and none in the North Fly for a couple of months now. Praise God.
  • CHW school graduation February 16
  • We have a general surgeon visiting for a week March 10-17
  • There are some infrastructure projects which should proceed this year – a new labour ward and ablution block for Obo, the completion of the Mougulu labour ward, a new staff house at Debepari, new solar vaccine fridge at Dome, 5 new staff houses at Rumginae, the turning on of the final stage of the minigrid electrical system at Rumginae, a new aid post and staff house for Dahamo…. and more. Please pray for those involved in the practicalities of these, and for our staff who continue to work in often difficult conditions
  • Pray for the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation project which Daniel has a little to do with. The intention is to install 25 tanks and some pit toilets in 2 local villages, and to expand this to other villages. The pictures are taken at Mimingire, signing the agreement for the project.
019 (2)027 (2)
  • Please continue to pray for a solution to our mounting maintenance practical and organisational needs.
  • Continue to pray for Dr Addy, on leave until about May
  • On the ward – pray for Ham****, a small girl with a quarter of her back and one arm severely burnt when the cardboard box she was in caught fire. We have operated now 3 times and are hoping to be able to graft on some new skin, hopefully this week. Praise God for the safe delivery of 2 babies over the last few days – one a caesarian, the other an extremely difficult delivery (shoulder dystocia).
  • Please pray that this year will see the local communities, hospital and government working in unity for the good of the people. We are so thankful that cholera has not come to Rumginae.  Now it is time to work on safe water and sanitation. As always, it is a good time to work together in preventing malaria, HIV, TB and maternal deaths etc.

In these latter days, he has given us his Son.

We each have been given this time to turn to the Son of God, our Lord and Saviour. May we be faithful in taking His message forward.

We have a wonderful paw paw tree which 089 (2)produces many, delicious red paw paws. This friend has made his nest in the tree, so harvesting the fruit is quite an adventure!003 (2)


God Bless

Daniel, Tammy, Tom, Rosie and Sam

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