Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cultural experiences

Aekyom dances during 75 yr celebrations PNG peacefully gained Independence from Australia 16th September 1975 and this event is celebrated with traditional dress and dances every year. Another September celebration was to mark 75years of health care in PNG provided by the Evangelical Church of PNG. Missionaries were probably providing health care prior to 1935, however this is the earliest record the church has. Of interest, the first nurse to work with the mission was in 1947, the first mission doctor in 1957. 1957 is the year that medical ‘skeds’ began, and we continue to use the HF radio to speak with villages and health workers all over the province and even the country on a regular schedule. The first Balimo and Rumginae doctors arrived in 1966. Formal Health worker training started in 1968 (Aid post orderlies-later Community Health Workers), with the Balimo school of nursing opening in 1973 (now closed).

 Unam (on right) is our lab manRosie


Daniel on radioWhile on history: CRMF have provided a continuous listening service on the HF radio since 1959 and continue to be instrumental in providing communication to remote places, especially during times of emergency. That’s 12 hours a day, 365(6) days a year for 51 years of faithful service to the people of remote PNG!

For school, we have really enjoyed learning lots about India. The finale was a chance to dress up and enjoy a real Indian meal.

Addy and SamDressed in sarisSam and Tom

Butter chicken and Samosas!

We have had plenty of visitors: a visiting doctor and his family, another friend, a snake bite expert and much more including a US based volunteer willing to help with many of our projects. Please pray for Gene who has decided to serve God in this way. Pray that we would be able to liaise well and move forward with some of our plans to improve the health service. The projects we are looking into include finding funds for medivacs, re-building some or all of the hospital, new staff houses and a training program for national doctors to work in rural areas.

Addy and Sharon were able to travel to Wewak for the medical symposium which they enjoyed. They made friends with some national doctors working in difficult rural settings and we hope to be able to provide some support to these doctors.

Gippy A few weeks ago now, our main hospital driver suddenly died during the sports events of Independence Day. Gippy was a godly, christian man who served the health service first as hospital chaplain, then as driver for many years. Please pray for Gippy’s family. Please also pray for his village as there is a lot of talking about who to blame for his death and calling on spirits to give them the answer. In Romans 8:2 we read ‘The Holy Spirit will give you life that comes from Christ Jesus and will set you free from sin and death.’ and verse 10 ‘But Christ lives in you. So you are alive because God has accepted you, even though your bodies must die because of your sins.’ Pray that his village would find their answer in Jesus and his word to us.

This week we have brought in 19 outstation Community Health Worker (CHW’s) to Kiunga for an in-service covering many health topics. Pray for these staff as they spend time with each other and us. Pray for us to teach well. Addy and Sharon are both in Kiunga all week. Pray for the hospital to be quiet while Dan is here on his own.

We have had many sick patients. Pray for Wo*** who is only 5 but has terminal leukaemia. His condition cannot be treated in PNG. Pray for Be***a who was unconscious for over a week from what was probably a viral encephalitis. She is slowly recovering. Praise God that Es** is much, much better having started new TB drugs. His TB was resistant to the usual 4 or 5 drugs we use. Praise God we were able to fly down to Balimo to bring in a mother with severe pregnancy related bleeding. We really thought she was going to die overnight but when she got to us mother and baby (still inside) were ok.

Mougulu Tractor and trailer (photo taken at Brisbane) Please pray that some way would be found to get a new tractor and trailer out to Mougulu. It was bought with donor funding, transported from Brisbane by the Ok Tedi mine and is now at Kiunga airstrip. It only has to go another 150km or so, but there are no roads. There are a number of helicopters in the area as many companies search for oil and gas. Pray that we would find someone willing to transport it for us. It will be used as an ambulance! (as well as to carry building materials, mow the airstrip and many more jobs).

Family photoWe have started school early (this week) to get a little bit ahead. Last week was a nice break, though. Our work permits / visas expire October 31, so there is a chance we may need to return to Australia to wait if the visas are not renewed in time.


RosieCheeky Sam

Canoeing on the Wai Maeri. Tom is standing up.

Our latest purchase – a new canoe!! This has kept Tom and his friends very busy and very happy.

Thank you for your prayers and support

Daniel, Tammy, Tom, Rosie and Sam

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