Thursday, August 26, 2010


Greetings from lovely India I mean PNG! Tom and Rosie have been doing a ‘Countries and Cultures’ unit on India. We have learnt many fascinating facts. There have also been times for dressing the part and eating real Indian food (many thanks to Addy) as we celebrated Indian Independence Day.

Tom dresses up Indian StyleTom and Addy

Thank you to everyone who helped in so many different ways in our transition from Australia to PNG. Packing boxes and then sheds, mowing lawns, cleaning, preparing meals, caring for children, assisting in preparations for home-schooling and so much more. Though it is just one example, I shall not soon forget the sight of our minister’s wife down on her knees carefully cleaning the tracks for the sliding door of our downstairs room. It was a quiet and humble act of servant leadership

Wai Maeri is upHere at Rumginae, many dear friends have done much. We were astonished to arrive and find our bathroom had been beautifully refitted, tiled and painted. Thank you to Phil who had done this during his day off each week and to Glenda for releasing him.  Also to Melanie for the lovely repainting. Some dear friends, Waeya and Martina had organised repairs to our haus-win, which many children have enjoyed.  

“Rejoice with me, I have found my lost coin”

Sam unpacking his toysOn the night we arrived, while Dan and I were in one part of the house aiming to create some order, Sam was in another, creating a delightfully boyish disorder as he rediscovered his packed away treasures!

The children are all very excited to be back at Rumginae.  They’re in a great hurry to revisit all their favourite places and activities with all their friends all at once.

Judy, who previously helped us so much in the house has now married and we wish her well in her new life. We are thankful to have the assistance of some friends from Menumsore who are coming on different mornings.

evaporator fan in freezer... I had no idea how important this fan was until it didn't work!We have many opportunities to learn about new things and to depend on God’s providence. Our refrigerator “running a temperature “ of 17 –25 degrees was one such example. Thanks to a visiting pilot with knowledge of electronics and other friends in Kiunga and Port Moresby who were willing to chase parts on our behalf, iced water is now back on the menu. 

At the end of August we say Keith and family on their recent visit to Rumginae in the twin ottergoodbye to friends Keith and Suellyn with their three lovely daughters. Keith was a pilot here at Rumginae and elsewhere in PNG for many years. Most recently Keith and family have lived up at Telefomin with Keith flying the twin otter. We have been blessed to serve alongside them and pray for them as they move to Gove in Arnhem Land to continue service with MAF Australia.

I, Daniel, initially found the work hard to adjust to. Particularly hard was the death of a mother with a ruptured uterus in the first week that we were back. Access to health care in this remote province is often very difficult.  Finding transport options for further care is difficult, finding money for flights to hospital is extremely difficult. Then once we have managed to get a sick patient to hospital, it is not easy providing specialised medical care. I am not an anaesthetist, or an obstetrician, or a surgeon, or a paediatrician, or a psychiatrist, or an orthopaedic surgeon…. but we are often called to fulfil many of these roles… often at the same time! Please do pray for (Drs) Daniel, Addy and Sharon as we seek give our best to God and the patients he brings. Pray that we would work together well and bring glory to God.

It was encouraging last week to visit Debepari health centre – 25 mins flight east of here. Jamie and Danwaf are doing a great job. Pray that we could get to visit all of our 15 outstations more often.

Debepari Health Centre CHW Jamie

Please pray for the many sick patients we have on the ward…patients with complex fractures, many patients with tuberculosis – some very unwell, one young man (21) with end stage kidney failure, 2 patients recovering from surgery for peritonitis, for Wow** with a new diagnosis of leukaemia (which we will find hard to treat effectively), for Reb***a with severe spinal cord problems and for at least 2-3 others who are unwell and we really haven’t worked out what ‘kind of sick’ they have yet. I had on my list young R**ie with very severe infection and bone marrow (immune) suppression, but I have just been told this morning that she has died. Please pray for her family at this difficult time.

 Wai Maeri GA8 Airvan P2-MFJ and new Rumginae ambulance

May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you a spirit of unity among yourselves as you follow Christ Jesus, so that with one heart and mouth, you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Rom 15:5,6

love and prayers

Daniel, Tammy, Tom, Rosie and Sam

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