Monday, November 30, 2009

Packing up

Dear Friends

We really appreciate your prayers and support. Thank you. We travel home to Australia this week and hope to catch up with many of you.

Tammy and the kids are very glad to have finished home schooling for the year and the school room is all packed away.The Wai Maeri river in the afternoon

In the hospital, there are many sick patients. Two teenage girls are admitted with very severe and possible drug resistant TB. Thankfully one is improving well and and other improving slowly. We have had 24 hour power for the last few weeks with the electricity needed for the oxygen concentrator for one girl. The lady with a very prolonged labour from last update is ok, her baby was stillborn.

Praise God that Dr Sharmini is here!! Her work permit and visa came through in record time. Pray for Sharmini to settle in well and to enjoy her time. It is such an important time for her to be here, enabling us to leave well and Dr Sharon to settle in for the long term.

Dr Sharon has finished her village living orientation to language and culture and will move back to Rumginae now. Please pray for her as this is probably going to be a difficult move in some ways.

Last update we asked for a ‘boring week’… well it was very quite. Tammy got to the point of complaining that she was bored! and then remembered that it is exactly what we had asked people to pray for!

Sam is doing well… limping but walking around now.

The epidemic at Mougulu seems to be ‘just’ malaria. Around 400 people were tested and 2/3 were found to have malaria, most of them with the more serious form (falciparum) in their blood. Thankfully this is now getting under control with some very timely help from the Ok Tedi mine who provided health workers, medicines, transport and materials. As well as treating malaria, the health workers spent time giving health education, reducing mosquito breeding sites, giving out mosquito nets etc.

Kids churchTom selling banana sago at the markets

Two weeks ago, the children’s church / Sunday school group raised $350 to support persecuted christians throughout the world, and over $1000 in total (including the adults). Tom and Rosie and their friends spent hours and hours raising money by cooking banana sago and cakes to sell at the market. The children in Sunday School are very interested in giving to and praying for the persecuted church. They have taken some photos of children from Orissa (from March 09) and have these photos and names of children to pray for as families.

November 5th was a day of memories for Tammy’s family as it is 10 years since her father died. Please pray for her and the family.

Pray for new MAF pilot Jason with Melanie, Kaleb and Carter who have just arrived at Rumginae. Pray for them to settle in well.

Thank you for your prayers

Daniel and Tammy

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Some answered prayer, some needed prayer…

Dear Friends

Thank you for your prayers.  We received notification of Sharmini's work permit approval today.  Please pray the visa will be quickly issued and she will be able to travel as soon as possible to the planned dates of mid November. Please pray for Sharmini too.  It is very stressful making travel and departure plans when not able to make plans!

Tammy’s family will be gathering tomorrow to remember her father's tenth anniversary.  Please pray they would know the peace of God that passes understanding.

Please remember to pray for the patients on the ward. The 4yr old boy stabbed in the abdo and the boy with the spear in the back are all recovering very well. Tonight, Daniel has been called about a young lady having her first baby at Balimo (300km away) who has been in the final stages of labour (fully dilated) for over 24 hours! The baby is still alive. The mother also has an extremely high blood pressure. Please pray that mother and baby would still be alive tomorrow and that we can do something to get her to a doctor (hopefully fly her back to Rumginae). At home, it would be a 3hr trip by road... here the only option is to fly (but not at night and not in bad weather). Please pray also for MAF.

Should you wish to pray that we would have a very boring week, we shall be very content with that!

love and prayers

Tammy and Daniel.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dr Sam’s leg

2Pe 1:3  His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and goodness.

Sam in the operating theatre getting a plaster put on his leg by DadWell, Dr Sam from our last news update has become a patient. During a routine tree climbing session to pick ‘Lau Lau’, he picked a branch too weak and fell a few feet to the ground. He didn’t want to walk on the leg and ended up getting an X-ray which Dr Daddy thought was probably OK but perhaps there was a small fracture. Three attempts were made at putting on a plaster none of which set owing to the tropical humidity. Thanks to Swinfen Charitable Trust, a telemedicine charity in the UK that links doctors in the developing world to specialists around the world, we are getting some good advice from an orthopaedic surgeon.

Thank God the snake bites have slowed down. We haven’t had anyone admitted with snake bite for a few weeks now. There is still plenty of varied and interesting medical work.

'I was shot in the back with an arrow 2 days ago - how do YOU think I feel?'

This much outside, 11cm inside






This was ALL inside. It is made of metal.

One of our specialised pieces of equipment - the director of nursing and his bolt cutters being assisted by the hospital chaplain!






This young man managed to escape with only an arrow in his back during an incident (across the border) where 5 people died. He was carried 1-2 days walk to his village in PNG for medical help. The health workers called us for help and MAF were able to respond almost immediately to bring him to Rumginae. The metal tip of the barbed arrow had gone in 11cm (4 1/2 inches), missing his kidney by 3 cm. The medical dilemma was how to give him a safe anaesthetic on his front or side. In the end, we opted for an unusual solution. In the coma / recovery position, he was given an anaesthetic.

As soon as he was asleep, our pastor put traction on the arrow head while our director of nursing cut the arrow with bolt cutters. Now it was safe to roll him onto his back if it became necessary. He is recovering well.

We are also in the midst of an unknown epidemic out at Mougulu – perhaps 50 new patients every day coming in with fevers and other symptoms. We are getting help from the Ok Tedi mine, other organisations and government to assess and intervene.

Baby SamuelThere have been plenty of babies - some coming without any input and others needing assistance.

This is Samuel, a new son for Martina and Dowa.


Pray for the many patients on the ward, some are very sick. Pray for the hospital to be quiet (if possible) with Dr Addy away next week for important national health planning meetings. We spent the afternoon in the operating theatre repairing damaged intestine in a 5yr old boy who had managed to get a sharp stick poked into his abdomen. This really needed both doctors, pray the next week will be less dramatic!

Praise God for the life of one particular patient. Konai was diagnosed here with lymphoma. We were able to give him chemotherapy and he did improve but then started to get worse again. He eventually died but not before sharing his love for God with all his family. He was really at peace and joyful when he went to be with Jesus.

As I write this we are getting a good amount of rain after a dry spell. The hospital tank was getting very low (it has a leak, as do a lot of the taps) as it hasn’t rained well for maybe 2 weeks. We were getting to the point of needing to pump river water (and add chlorine)… but the pumps are broken! There is still such a big need for some assistance and training in maintenance… 3 generators need repairing, the tractor needs repair and most of the buildings!

Please pray for Dr Sharmini’s visa to be approved… before Wednesday. She hopes to be here from Mid November to help. Pray also for the new MAF family who arrived here last week: Jason, Melanie, Carter and Kaleb. Pray for Drs Mike and Jen and family to settle well at home.

Bird of ParadiseWe hope to be finished school for the year by the end of this week. The children have worked hard to get ahead in their schedule. The children have enjoyed a unit on wildlife rescue which included a bird watching excursion to see Birds of Paradise.

We return to Australia in 4  weeks. Please pray for good health, especially Sam’s leg to continue to improve. Pray we would listen to God’s promptings in these next few weeks, focussed on faithfully persevering in obedience to God each day.

The Lord says “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you." Psalm 32:8 (NLT)

 Recent Rumginae Missionaries gathering

Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.

Daniel, Tammy, Tom, Rosie and Sam