Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Maternal health care in PNG

Women dying in filthy, overcrowded and understaffed hospitals

The link above is to a Sydney Morning Herald article on maternal health care in PNG. The ‘filthy, overcrowded and understaffed hosptial’ referred to in particular is Port Moresby General Hospital. The urban areas of PNG are growing 3 times faster than the rest of the country. PNG’s population growth rate is very high, at 2.7% each year. Putting the figures in the article another way, there are at least 1000 mothers dying each year in PNG, maybe 1500, there are also 5000 stillborn babies and 10000 children dying before the age of one.

It has been very encouraging to see so many health workers eager to learn all they can to help reduce maternal mortality. The in-service at Rumginae was attended by around 20 outstation Community Health Workers. Daniel was also able to give the same lectures to a similar number up at Telefomin last week.

Thank you for your prayers, especially for those health workers out in remote and isolated places with little nearby support.

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