Monday, July 20, 2009


For from of old men have not heard, nor perceived by the ear, neither hath the eye seen a God besides thee, who worketh for him that waiteth for him. (Isaiah 64:4 (ASV))

4th of July celebrations4th July celebrations in the Parsa's cubby house overlooking the Wai Maeri river

Tom, Rosie and Sam enjoyed celebrating July 4 with their American friends, Eliana and Noah. Rosie had a lovely week preparing decorations with Eliana while Tom led a group of boys in designing and constructing rifles for the Minute Men. The children were part of a recreation drama of the Boston tea party (above photo), the ride of Paul Revere and of course a battle scene!

"We hold these truths to be self-evident,that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." (Declaration of Independence, July 4 1776)

From our last update: I have heard that mother and child at Balimo and both doing really well. We were able to follow up on the prison outreach when Phil (missionary in Kiunga) went a few weeks later. Leigh and Jeremy and family left Rumginae Monday morning on their way back to England. It was very helpful having them here. Our kids will really miss their new friends.

The last few days have been very challenging. On Wednesday afternoon, Dr Mike landed at Rumginae after a 2 night visit to isolated Fuma. He hardly had time to say hello to his family when he was called to the operating theatre to be an anaesthetist. To save the life of a young lady with severe bleeding from placenta praevia it was necessary for Daniel to operate very quickly. It was a difficult operation but on Monday’s ward round it was great to see her walking around and planning her discharge. The fact that she is alive is a miracle. It took 5 blood transfusions just to keep her stable.

The very next day (Mike’s day off, I might add), Daniel again needed Mike to be an anaesthetist for a major operation. In PNG, 1 woman dies from pregnancy related complications for every 266 live births, maybe even twice that ( Part of our work here involves doing what we can to ‘prevent’ problems but we also need to be available to handle problems when they arise.

Salome is a lady from a village 7 days walk from here. She lives 4-6 hours walk from a health centre staffed by a nursing officer and 2 community health worker. We don’t really know whether she planned to deliver this, her 6th child, in the village. Maybe she avoided the health centre because the staff are all male. We don’t really know how long she had been in labour… but at 9pm when she presented to the health centre she was fully dilated. Over the next 12 hours, there had been no progress. The staff were no longer able to hear the baby’s heart beat and she was getting very distressed.

Being 7 days walk from here - with no road, crossing 2 large rivers, at risk of snakebite and other dangers - poses a big problem with transport in times of illness and injury. We really praise God for the ministry of MAF who serve in this otherwise isolated place. Salome was brought to Rumginae urgently the same day. It became obvious that she had ruptured her uterus due to the prolonged obstructed labour. Having lost a lot of blood, with a very difficult life-saving operation underway, we were running very short of blood for transfusion. With one eye on the anaesthetic - giving instructions to staff, Dr Mike rolled up his sleeve and gave a unit of his own blood! Please continue to pray for Salome. Praise God with us for what He enables us to do in His strength.

Daniel chatting to Sr Joseph during an afternoon of ultrasound scans and teaching at Kiunga hospitalIt was a privilege to teach the staff at Kiunga hospital how to use their ultrasound machine, while doing scans for 8 pregnant women. Please continue to pray that Kiunga hospital would grow in capability. There are now 3 doctors working in the hospital. Could you please pray for Dr.Sr Joseph who is facing a particularly difficult time.

We were recently blessed with a visit by long term missionaries Keith and Norma Briggs with friends Ray and Jenny. Their bible teaching sessions with local youth went very well. Ray and Keith also tirelessly gave of their energy to fix lawnmowers, utes & tractors. This week we welcome visitors from Finley Presbyterian Church. Please pray for the maintenance demands to be reduced. The ongoing maintenance need is draining on our time and energy. Please pray for God’s provision of someone to come and help us.

Please pray that at this busy time the children (and their parents) would be able to get good rest before starting school again next week. Pray also for good health by school time: Rosie has tummy pains, Sam has a (burst) middle ear infection, Tom has asthma.

We are very thankful for our MAF friends who have organised beautiful fruit and vegetables from the highlands to be delivered each week on the plane.

Please pray for Tammy’s Mum having surgery this week. It is hard living so far from family, especially at times like this.

And pray also for Sam’s daily safety!

Sam has got himself up on the cubby house roof... but how to get down???

Thank you so much for your prayers and support

Daniel and Tammy with Tom, Rosie and Sam

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