Monday, June 8, 2009

Guess who’s FOUR?

Sam is 4 today Sam with Addy, Rosie and Tom

Happy birthday to Sam for today. He is very excited about being 4 and looking forward to his banana sago party. There will be cake too.

Tom, Rosie and Sam race the Airvan which is taking Daniel to Obo for a 3 night outstation visit

On Tuesday last week, Daniel flew off to Obo for an outstation doctors visit. There were 85 patients to see in 2 1/2 days, some with minor problems, some quite sick. The health workers there are doing a great job and it was good to spend time seeing their sick patients with them. There are a lot of people living around Obo and it can be busy at times. It can be a nice place to live (24hr electricity, plenty of Barramundi) but also difficult – a little isolated, a long way and expensive to travel to town (Kiunga), and little in the way of fruit and vegetables to eat. Please pray for the staff at Obo. Pray also that we would be able to continue getting out to our outstations on doctor’s visits this year.

Obo staff - Sr Nimmy, Mr Nimmy and Sr Draf

Of all the things I expected to see at Obo, Buffalo were NOT on the list






As well as seeing patients coming to the health centre, the staff also go to outlying villages with vaccinations and to see sick people, assess children and pregnant mothers, give health talks and bible messages. The buffalo are part of an agriculture project with the aim of growing rice at Obo soon.

Back at Rumginae, while Daniel was at Obo,  Drs Addy, Leigh, Mike and Jen were busy. Sadly, E**a with leukaemia/lymphoma died last week. There was also a lady die a few days after having a baby and an 18 yr old girl die in labour. Please pray for the families and for our staff (including doctors) who find this a very emotional time.

2009 Rumginae Bible School graduates commissioning service

Sunday was the commissioning service for graduates of the Rumginae Bible Training Program. Pray for these men and women as they go out. Please pray for the bible school here at Rumginae to be an effective tool in bringing the good news that Jesus Christ died for our salvation to those who are yet to hear it.

This week. Pray for Dr Addy who leaves on Tuesday for a 3 month trip home. Pray for Leigh & Jeremy and family to settle into Rumginae for their 2 month stay. Pray for important discussions which need to take place regarding the CHW Training school. Pray for ongoing momentum with many staff wanting to share their faith, read and learn from their bibles, think about the future and turn their visions into reality. Pray for medical students Clare and Bethany here from England arriving on Friday. Pray that Daniel and Mike could be fully organised with materials for maintenance projects with a team from Finley-Berrigan Presbyterian visiting in 6 weeks time. Pray for Dr Sharon in Port Moresby for 2 weeks continuing her HIV prescribers course.

‘Now this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent’. John 17:3