Friday, May 22, 2009

It’s a long way to the doctor’s

Robert with his family leaving Rumginae to go to Fuma to work

Imagine… if you can… that after Yr 10 you were able to be trained for 2 years as a health worker (CHW). You graduated last year and you recently moved with your young family to a new job. It only took an hour to fly there but nobody there speaks your language. You could walk home in 7 days. There is no electricity or phone and no roads. You have radio contact with a doctor during the day time if needed. You do your best for the many, many people who come to see you with medical problems like malaria, anaemia, injuries, malnutrition, snake bite, injuries from pig attacks, as well as pregnant women having normal and complicated deliveries in your bush material ‘delivery suite’ behind the aid post. The supplies of medicine and equipment is very slim. The people’s understanding of illness is very basic. Most things are attributed to sorcery or some spiritual disturbance.

Now, imagine you wake up in the night with a high fever. The nearest other health worker is a 4 hour walk away through thick jungle. If you get really sick, who would carry you there? Could you give yourself injections? Would the plane come and get you if you got worse?

Please pray for Robert out at Fuma who is in this exact position. When the plane called in to get him this afternoon he was feeling better so he sent in some of his sicker patients instead. Please pray for all of our outstation staff in similar positions of isolation. Isolated from medical care, social networks, other’s who speak their language. Isolated from the usual things we use for spiritual growth such as church and bible studies in our own language. Isolated from education for children. Isolated from any stores, surviving on garden food and any food flown in on the plane.

No Dogs on the airstrip... it costs about $40 for the plane to have to miss a landing and 'go around'School has been going along ok this week. One of Tom’s recent projects was to investigate ‘signs’ and symbols etc. For those of you troubled with a pesky black dog on your airstrip as you are about to land, feel free to order some signs.

On the ward, pray for Ja****a, a young lady with a very low platelet count and a high fever. We are doing what we can to treat her infection and give her blood transfusions but she is very unwell. Pray for E**a also who continues to get chemotherapy. Praise God that we were able to help bring a firstborn daughter for one of our remote CHWs into the world this morning by Caesarian section. This was our 14th Caesarian for the year. Pray for a lady arriving on the plane this afternoon from Obo with severe high blood pressure in pregnancy. Pray we can control her medical condition before the baby is distressed and before the mother fits. It is a very serious, life-threatening condition to have.

Pray for nurse Maria who is taking up the challenge to join the Mougulu team soon. Please pray we could support all our staff, particularly those in outstations with medical help, supplies, training, and spiritual nourishment.

Please pray for the leadership of the hospital and CHW school to be wise as they meet to discuss staffing, finances, responsibilities and other issues. Also for the leadership of the local and district church as they meet with local landholders and the company taking gravel from the river. Pray for all to be godly in their relationships and biblical in their decision making.

Please pray for Tammy's Mum who is having a birthday this weekend. Pray also for Daniel's Mum and grandparents as Nan and Pop make the very difficult transition from their own home to a retirement village because of health issues. We really appreciate your prayers.

Daniel and Tammy, Tom, Rosie and Sam

‘Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you’ (1Peter5:7)

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