Saturday, May 16, 2009

How to buy shoes and an interesting front yard

What on earth are they talking about you may ask! Well, the selection of work boots in Kiunga for our maintenance workers is extremely slim, so we have prevailed upon the generosity of our pilot’s wife to buy some while she is in Goroka this weekend. Hopefully, the pieces of paper onto which Mike traced their feet will work out to get them the right size! We’re also hoping they can bring back a 3.3m piece of timber. We do our shopping a little differently here and are thankful for MAF who send us such a variety of supplies.

It has been nice having plenty of MAF people and planes coming through Rumginae. We got to fly from Hagen to Rumginae in MAFs first turbo charged Airvan – MFK pictured below with Airvan MFJ and C206 MAJ with our house behind. Please continue to remember MAF in prayer.

Three MAF aircraft at Rumginae

We really appreciate your prayers for school. There are good days and hard days. One interesting project was getting Tom thinking about what happens downstream when we do things to the river.

Tom's project on the Fly River (pdf 350kb)

The diggers are still in the middle of the river, taking the island away truckload by truckload. There are a lot of land ownership issues surfacing, involving the local villagers as well as the station / church. Please pray that everyone’s concerns can be worked through amicably. Pray for Dr Mike who is acting as a resource and liaison person for the church regarding their legal rights etc.

We have a lot of complicated obstetric patients on the ward at the moment. Pray for these mothers to have safe deliveries.

Please pray for Phil, Glenda and children moving back to Kiunga this week to continue their important mission work with local pastors and community.

We thank God for Tom and Rosie who recently turned 9 (!!) and 7 (!!). Sam wakes up each day asking if it is his birthday today.

Also… one last birthday… the Priest family furniture shop in Forbes turned 40 this month. There has been a lot of celebrating in Forbes. We are looking forward to getting home to see them at the end of this year.

Priest furniture turns 40 God Bless

Daniel, Tammy, Tom, Rosie and Sam

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