Saturday, May 9, 2009

2008 Health Service Statistics

Daniel Sam Tammy Tom Rosie near Cairns April 2009

Over the last month we have enjoyed good biblical teaching and team building at our conference in Mt Hagen. After conference we were able to get away for a holiday in Cairns. Now we are back at Rumginae again.

The body which looks after church-run health services in PNG is the Churches Medical Council (CMC). Please pray for the CMC meetings in Port Moresby this week. Our representatives will be our director of nursing (Pia) and hospital administrator (Max) as well as the CHW School principal (Amos).

The meetings provided a stimulus for Daniel to get the 2008 annual report and statistics finished. If anybody would like the entire report, it is available for download from our website (

In 2008 we saw 8642 outpatients at Rumginae, (63,153 for the entire health service), had 815 admissions, 187 deliveries (25% of which were low birth weight). There were 3 maternal deaths we know about – 2 at Rumginae. To us these are not just statistics but very vivid memories of trying very hard to save a mother’s life. The admissions to Rumginae were referred from all over Western Province and Southern Highlands. About 183 of these were brought in by MAF… that’s an average of one very sick person being flown in every second day. Thank God that we have MAF based here. We are enjoying having Harold, Rick and Lauren here and having Nick and Paula visit.

There were 390 X-rays, 193 ultrasounds (all done by a doctor), 310 operations (up 26% from 2007) including 26 caesarians, 2 craniotomies (opening the head), 3 ectopics, 11 skin grafts…

We are looking forward to reviewing our statistics and doing our best to improve in areas where we need to improve. Please pray for the health service leaders as we address problems and deal with areas where we are not doing as well as we should.

Thank you for your prayers for E**a who was finally diagnosed with an acute leukaemia. She seems to be doing well on chemotherapy. The in-service training in Kiunga went very well with Daniel, Addy and Mike all working together to teach about 60 health workers about snake bite management, bleeding after delivery of a baby, retained placenta and more.

This week – pray for Tammy with Tom, Rosie (and Sam) still settling into a home schooling routine. Pray for quality time with friends for Tom and Rosie in particular. Pray for CMC meetings in Moresby to be fruitful. Pray for Daniel, Addy and Mike to work well together and be able to learn more and teach more. Pray also we could plan ahead and get on top of the many maintenance needs. We are looking forward to a visit in July from a group of country NSW people wanting to help out in practical ways. Continue to pray for the witness of staff and others to each patient we come across. Pray for a very awkward situation out at Mougulu with staff resigning and others needing to be moved on.

Thank you so much for your interest and prayers.

Daniel, Tammy, Tom, Rosie and Sam

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