Monday, March 23, 2009

Tidiest room contest

Rosie's 'Tidy Room'

And the tidiest room award goes to.....

Well, Tom and Rosie are doing a superb job at keeping their room tidy which has been a real blessing.

We have nearly finished all the school work for this term and are really looking forward to missionary conference in Mt Hagen on Thursday!

Saturday night, Daniel was asked if he knew he was expected to preach Sunday! We usually get good notice, although there have been times when Daniel starts to prepare a sermon half way through church because the preacher doesn't seem to have turned up yet. After some divine inspiration at 3am, the message started to come together. Love the Lord your God with ALL your heart, soul, mind and strength. And love your neighbour as yourself. We looked at decision making and priorities and how we can fulfil this greatest commandment. One of the sermon illustrations was the life of Eric Liddell who decided not to run in the 100m heat because it was held on a Sunday. To complement the message, we watched Chariots of Fire at Sunday evening fellowship.

For Kids church, the children did some great dramas, one of them about Daniel in the lion's den. Sunday lunch was provided by the children to raise money for orphans of persecuted christians in Orissa (India). They raised about $400!

Tom drawing to musicRosie drawing what the music makes her think of for school

Rosie had another dental trip Friday. The six hour drive to Tabubil and back is the hardest part. Two more visits to go but she is a much happier little girl now.

We are glad to have Dr Mike and Jennifer and kids back. Dr Addy is having a short break before conference starts. Please pray for conference that it would be a time of encouragement and refreshment. We will have a short break ourselves after conference.

Could we please ask for prayer for the hospital to be unusually quiet! All the doctors will be away March 26 to April 2. Pray that the staff will manage any problems well. We have doctors in Kiunga and Tabubil who can help cover the hospital but pray that it would be a quiet time and not a stressful time for staff.

Daniel has had a break from on call at the hospital now Mike has returned. It has been a pleasant weekend. E**a is still very unwell and we don't think we can offer her any curative treatment for what is probably not TB given that it has not responded to medicine for TB. We suspect she has a cancer. The family of 5 with sago haemolytic disease are generally improving. It is a nasty illness. Basically the free fatty acid of a mass of fungus that develops in sago older than 1 month causes a massive breakdown in red blood cells. The hospital is the quietest it has been for months and we hope it stays quiet while we are away.

Pray for the inservices we are giving to a large group of health staff in Kiunga today and tomorrow on snake bite, antenatal care and post partum haemorrhage. It is a great opportunity to teach a lot of staff from remote locations.

Thank you for your prayers

Daniel Tammy Tom Rosie Sam

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