Saturday, March 7, 2009

New Doctor, Old Doctor

Picture of a dream, by Tom

Dear Friends

Praise God for the arrival of Dr Sharon to Rumginae. Sharon is from NZ who has been to Rumginae many times before but is now here 'long term'. Pray for Sharon as she settles in and particularly over the next 6 months with language and culture learning while she lives in an Aekyom village. (Check out

Thank you to those who may have prayed that things would settle down a bit medically. The last 2 days have been less busy.

Praise God for the provision of a good financial forcast for the hospital for 2009 and also some input from Ok Tedi mine and other donors. Pray that we will be able to balance the many needs against the available funding and make wise decisions.

On the ward, E**a is still up and down. She really needs prayer as we don't know what else to do! All of our many ladies and babies after caesarian are doing very well. Pray for Ru**n with congenital heart disease. He is currently very stable but we need him to stay well now until he can see a paediatric cardiologist in May/June and be considered for heart surgery in June or July by an Australian team who visit Port Moresby yearly.

Praise God that the children have all settled into good friendships with national children. Pray that God would continue to help them to be wise as they interact cross-culturally. Continue to pray for Tammy, Tom and Rosie with home schooling.

Tom is especially excited to see the Ebel family here even if it is only for a week. Richard is checking returning pilot Harold Hall into the Western Province MAF routes. Pray for Harold as he settles into Rumginae for a couple of months.

This week - pray for new medical student Margaret from the USA, for important meetings on Wednesday and for hospital executive meetings on Thursday.

Pray for the hospital workshop team who try very hard with maintenance of vehicles, buildings and other equipment. We would love to find a missionary maintenance trainer to help them.

Some of the hospital workshop staff

Thank you for your prayers for us

Daniel, Tammy, Tom, Rosie and Sam

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Anonymous said...

Hi Daniel

What a great blog. Just seen your post about my awesome Sister Sharon.

I happen to be a Search Engine Optimisation man. Any reason as to why you have a robots tag on your blog stopping Google from caching your pages, and indexing them?

meta content='NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW' name='robots'

It certainly is interesting, the whole privacy issue. I like how you give out so much information, yet nicely hide names with asterisks. Makes praying for you all that much easier and more relevant, and so much more powerful. The world is so much smaller than the months it used to take 100+ years ago when boats took months to bring mail.

Been reading a book about Adoniram Judson, one of the first missionaries sent from America. Took him months to even travel to his missionary post, let alone do his job. And within days Sharon is with you and helping out. Awesome.

Bless ya heaps.