Saturday, February 28, 2009

11 new staff, 30 new students!

Don't forget to pray for all the kids climbing trees in 'accident season'Bush fruit high up on a tree

Praise God that we have been able to employ 11 new nursing or CHW staff. Once all these new staff arrive, we will have a good level of staff here at the hospital & all our health centres fully staffed, including extra staff at Obo and Dome - places where there is a big need for public health work to address tuberculosis and leprosy (yes, leprosy is not some disease of the past, it is here in PNG). We will also have all of our aidposts staffed AND be putting staff in new areas (like Ok Au for now and later, hopefully, Tumo River, Wakela and Habi). Please pray for these new staff, particularly the ones who will go to the bush. It can be very challenging being out in a village with no other educated people around, poor facilities, poor equipment and noone who speaks your language. Pray for communities to be very supportive of their new health workers and for progress in addressing basic health issues such as maternal and child health, malaria, tuberculosis and HIV.

CHW Robert and family moving to FUMA

In order to move our staff around, take supplies to them and bring in patients we depend heavily on air transport and are very thankful to have MAF based here at Rumginae. Please pray for MAF with some recent changes occuring. There have been some medical issues recently upsetting the MAF staff numbers. Pray for the Barrett-Lennard family who have moved to Goroka to take up Twin Otter flying, pray for Matt and Linsey Painter on leave in Australia. Praise God that Mike Bottrell was able to make a special trip to PNG at a busy time with health workers moving, teachers moving & CHW students trying to come. Pray now for Harold Hall who will be here for 3 months, for the Ebel family here for 1-2 weeks (Tom is really looking forward to seeing Josh) and for the Velvin family planning to come later in the year.

loading patients into the Airvan at BalimoMatt Painter loading sick patients at Balimo

Lenticular cloud seen from 10000 ft with no mountains around to produce a standing wave

The hospital have also farewelled James - our very capable midwife who then transferred to the CHW School. He is now working up in the Southern Highlands. Pray he would continue to be an effective witness for Christ.

James Robin and family moving to Tari

We are so thankful for our friends who help us in the hosue. Praise God for the help of Judy. Pray for Linsy who is starting high school again this year - we will miss her.

Tammy, Tom, Rosie and Sam with Judy and Linsy

Please pray for the finishing of Term 1 of home school. We thank God for His love and care for us as we work together each day.

Rosie and Daniel reading Braille on a packet of medicine for school

Please do pray for the Community Health Worker Training School. The 'new' curriculum (we have graduated 3 years of students through this now) is demanding and fairly intense for students and teachers. Pray for Amos (principal) and tutors Wana, Sara, Dowa, Sharon and a new tutor about to start.

Sara and Wana - CHW School tutors

Medically, the hospital is still fairly busy. We are up to 9 caesarians for the year already, 2 in one day this week, one last night. When you read 'caesarian' this really means hours worth of assessing a patient, trying to avoid a caesarian, monitoring closely, deciding there is a need to operate, setting up theatre and baby resuscitation etc, transferring the patient, giving the anaesthetic and operating... then dealing with any post op complications. Please pray for Addy and Daniel who are feeling tired.

Apart from the dramatic caesarians, there is also E**a with more fevers again and very unwell, a man with a very large burn on his leg which has had a skin graft put on - pray that the new skin would grow there. There are many other sick patients and pregnant mothers with potential complications. Pray for Addy in Kiunga this week giving part of an inservice to 60 health workers - her topics are Snake Bite and Post Partum Haemorrhage We really do rely on your prayers.

It has also been a very busy time with people coming and going.

We are looking forward to our missionary conference at the end of March and a short break at that time.

God Bless

Daniel, Tammy, Tom, Rosie and Sam

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